Ideas that I will take to Tallahassee

1. Changes to Our Criminal Justice System that treat the Rich and Guilty better than the Poor and Innocent."Bryan Stevenson" DWB . Decriminalizing non-violent crimes. A small minority of our residents are bad people and there is only one place for them. The majority with a criminal history are good people that made bad decisions, and need to be pointed in the right direction. Afterthought: College is cheaper than Prison.

2. Education is the backbone of our society.1 2 & healthcare go hand-in-hand; a healthy happy educated individual is more likely to be a productive member of our society. More emphasis on prevention and less on punishment. A helping hand not a handout!

3. Oversight in government.

4. Streamlining government regulation of business.

5. Social Security and Health Care.

6. Pro-Life without Trampling on woman's rights.With the Zika virus invading Florida, were common sense should overrides your political and personal beliefs.

7. Long range planning for algae bloom, beach erosion, natural habitat, Safe Drinking Water, and salt water intrusion..

8. I've laid out several ideas on this website for consumer protection and free-market trade. I'm pro-business and willing to bend over backwards to help Florida business grow; But consumers protection comes first.

9. I believe in human rights, be it women's rights, gay rights, or civil rights and you should be judged as a person not on your race, creed, color or sexual orientation.

Questions and Answers

Question: With your criminal record, what is the difference between you and other politicians?
Answer: A good lawyer.

To use an analogue: Politician's go to the most expansive restaurant and order everything on the menu and then complain to the waiter about the prices. Ben Bernanke

I go to McDonald's and order off the dollar menu.

Questions: Having a felony DUI how are you able to vote let alone run for office.
Answer: I petitioned the state to have my civil rights restored.
Executive Order#: 2008C-127
Executive Order Date#: 05/02/2008

Questions: What do you think the key to Florida's future success is?
Answer: Education and Healthcare starts at birth, Infrastructure, and government oversight.

Questions: Do you support tax cuts or tax reform?
Answer: After listening to Gov. Rick Scott on tax cuts, I've had an Epiphany. How things works, the rich and powerful have changed the taxation system! (Horse and Sparrow Theory) When taxes have to be raised, they raised the tax on the poor and when people talk about tax cuts, lower taxes on the rich. That's how the system has shifting the burden onto the lower class while the rich get richer. It's time for tax reform.
"Today, the tax code is a labyrinth littered with thousands of special-interest giveaways, subsidies and other breaks written to favor Washington insiders. At 80,000 pages, it's a tax code only an army of tax accountants and lobbyists could love — because they've written it. Jeb Bush

Questions: What are your ideas on our Criminal Justice System?
Answer 1: Florida's has an outstanding Law Enforcement Community and we need to provide them with the money, tools and Education they deserve.
Answer 2: A small minority of our residents are bad people and there is only one place for them. The majority with a criminal history are good people that made bad decisions, and need to be pointed in the right direction. Afterthought: College is cheaper than Prison.
Answer 3: Gray areas: Laws that don't take into account extenuating circumstances and change laws along the lines of California Preposition 47 also known by its ballot title Criminal Sentences. Misdemeanor Penalties. Initiative Statute.
Answer 4: Setup centralized State Criminal and Rape Kit DNA testing center's to expedite cases loads in conjunction with State University teaching Criminal Justice.

Questions: Are you afraid of big business and big money?
Answer: No, Houman v Lewis
United States Federal Court
Southern District of Florida
Case # 09-82271-Civ-Marra/Johnson

Houman v

Bank of America
JPMorgan Chase & Company
Citibank Corporation
Wells Fargo & Company
Wachovia Bank
Bank Atlantic Bancorp.

Questions: What is the role of government in everyday life.
Answer: Everyone has the same goal. A Health-Happy fruitful life. Most people know how to get there. It is government responsible to provide the tool to point the others in the right direction.

Questions: Budget Cut Education
Answer: I remember hearing my Father say: That educated people get better higher-paying jobs and therefore pay higher taxes. Sometimes he could be outspoken. Those people must have their head up their ass when you take money away from something that produces you more money.
Education grants for apprenticeship program initiative in manufacturing, Healthcare services, IT, and agriculture with interaction between employers, local colleges and state officials.

Questions: At Your age, Were you around for the civil rights of the 60s.
Answer: I'm from Wisconsin, I was very naive and didn't understand the concept of civil rights. Everyone being of German, Swedish, Norwegian and Irish ancestry, but I do remember thinking it was wrong the way things were happening in the southern states. It wasn't until the 70s, I realized that Uncle Tom and Jim Crow weren't somebody's uncle.

Questions: Other then your felony DUI, have you broken any other laws?
Answer: Maybe? A good friend (72) had passed away. We got a phone call, his widow said that his brother and sister which they hadn't seen in 20 years was coming down and selling the home because it was not in her name and had never been married. She'd been supporting him for the last 10 years due to illness, would have been out on the street almost penniless. I got together with friends at the title company, Somebody forged a quitclaim deed, notarized and filed. That was the last she heard from the brother and sister.

Questions: When you go to Tallahassee, do you have any ideas or law that you will take with you?
Answer 1:. Any bill would have to pass the smell test. Who would benefit, the public, private business or Hopefully Both!
Answer 2:. My son has a Pit Bull that love's you with kisses. You have to teach dogs to be mean. The law would require the owner to pass an IQ test to show that they are smarter then the Dog. Buyer photo on all online ticket sales.
Answer 3: In lending and Real Estate, there are truth in lending and disclosure laws. There should be similar law in the medical Field.
Answer 4: Fiduciary for Financial Advisors.

A. Truth in billing. All medical billing agencies should provide an APR included in the bill. The APR is the percentage after the insurance company has been discounted. The 20% would jump to 30%, 40% or 50%.

B. Disclosure: All Health Care provider should disclose to patients if they're getting a kickback or "Promotional Payments," an estimated $24 billion marketing to doctors from the drug companies and how people in the financial industry derive commissions or compensation ("in house" v others). Why not call this the "Houman's Disclosure?" A graduated transaction tax. Doctors that sell drugs to patients to pay a graduated profit tax earned on each sale of a drug to a patient.

Answer 4: All state agencies to negotiate prices with drug manufacturers at rates comparable to what CVS, Walgreen or Walmart  pays drug manufacturers. I don't know State or federal Laws, but I would write the statue to supersede Federal. I hate seeing Florida being ripped off! Drug Company should be regulated the same as utilities. Precedent: Hepburn Act of 1906. Did you know Medicare is prohibited from negotiating prices directly with drug companies. Reciprocity laws for Doctor, making it simpler. Florida needs doctors.
Answer 5: Change Florida Corporate law where 25% of Shareholder can vote to have pay packages changed, moving towards Benefit Corporations (Gold Handcuffs not Golden Parachute) and laws allowing cities to set up their own independent wireless network. Florida has the toughest Real Estate Fiduciary laws, We need to extend Fiduciary laws to all investment and retirement advisor!
Answer 6: Flipper Tax. I've Seen it before during the housing bubble and I'm starting to see it again. In a normal market people buy low and sell high. Speculators are buying high and selling higher with minimal investment, driving home prices artificially higher. The tax would-be proportional to capital gains minus capital investment. In other words the more time & money an investor put's in restoring a home the lower the Tax. When looking at Corporation striping and stock trading where there is No Social Value only the generation of profit, Keynes' concept of a transaction tax where the tax is inversely proportional to the time of the transaction along the lines of the Tobin tax.

Questions: Cuba
Answer: I fell in love in the early 50's before Castro and plan on buying a Ocean Front Home there someday.

Questions: Religious Beliefs
Answer: God, Country, Family!

Questions: Gun Control
Answer: What do you think? E-Mail Me

Obituary: Iraq/ Syria.

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